The Music of

Gregory  Norbet

 formerly of Weston Priory

Concerts and Retreats

Gregory Norbet gives occasional concerts and retreat weekends. Please email him for information about arranging one for your parish. 


Each October, he hosts a special “Hosea Retreat Weekend” during the beautiful fall foliage season in Vermont, a time of reflection, prayer and music. For details on registration, visit his Hosea Foundation website. The Landgrove Inn hosts this event. Reservations must be made there as well as with Hosea Foundation. Please visit the Hosea Foundation website.

March 29 to April 1, 2018: Holy Week Triduum

St. Anthony Church, Fairfield, CT


October 12-14, 2018: Hosea Retreat

The Landgrove Inn, Landgrove, VT


December 9, 2018: Advent Evening of Song & Prayer

St. Anthony Church, Fairfield, CT

A thank you note to Gregory, after a recent concert....      

Gregory.........We prayed for you tonight in my Jesu Caritas group, that God will continue to bless so many through your art and ministry. Your visit here was certainly an avenue of grace-the comments and accolades have been flowing in. Thank you so much for what you and Kathryn (through her icons) have done for the people here. "In the Stillness" was a "spiritual re-fill" for so many of us.  

Thank you.......Father John Baran, St. Anthony's Church, Fairfield, CT.

Gregory Norbet, 22 Linden Drive, West Lebanon NH 03784  •