The Music of

Gregory  Norbet

 formerly of Weston Priory

The Music of

Gregory  Norbet

formerly of Weston Priory

“Into the Arms of God”

Gregory Norbet's new album on receiving

God's love, compassion and forgiveness.   

Whether you love Gregory's music from his time at Weston Priory, his many collections of music from OCP or are searching for melodic pieces for liturgy, you'll cherish this new work. Composer, retreat leader and former Benedictine monk, Gregory Norbet has created  Into the Arms of God  to help in moments of grief and examine the continual comfort in the Lord's presence.

Gregory begins the title track, "Into the Arms of God" with a simple and strong melody that will easily be adopted by the entire assembly. It is a calling home. It creates sanctuary and serves as a meditation on God's compassion. This and many other songs on the collection feature beautiful choral and instrumental arrangements by Craig Kingsbury.

Another deeply moving piece is "Choir of Angels." A song of praise and worship from heaven and earth, it is reminiscent of the Sanctus sung during Mass and will complement any liturgical celebration with its thematic versatility.

The album's cover art was conceived and illustrated by Gregory's wife, Kathryn Carrington. The watercolor painting instills a feeling of peace and relaxation. And like the Father's love, its warmth is all-encompassing. A collection of hope, assurance and guidance, it is perfect for group retreats, bible studies and other events that work towards spiritual renewal.

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Gregory in 1982

Gregory Norbet is a respected composer, singer and spiritual leader. His specialty is group spiritual development and renewal, using song, Scripture and the spoken word.

In addition to the 12 music collections published during his 21 years as a Benedictine monk at Weston Priory, he has released several prayer books and octavos through OCP. Gregory is a graduate of the Institute for Spiritual Leadership in Chicago and received his master’s degree from the Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University, Chicago.

Gregory is married to artist Kathryn Carrington. Her gold-leaf icon paintings hang in many churches and may be seen on her website:

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